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About Nifty Apple


Nifty Apple was founded by Amy Trusler.  That's me, I'm Amy! I started my own business when my daughters were just babies! One is an adult now, living on her own like a real grown up and my youngest is nearly an adult! Whew, time flies! I started off selling items that were all hand crafted by me and it's evolved over the years. 20 years later I am still here finding and sometimes making things and bringing them to you, my sweet friends that I have met through the years.  

Nifty Apple is a fun place on the web to find items that bring you joy! I look for things that I know I love and make me happy and hope they make you happy too! I am all about living a life of joy and surrounding myself with things that help that happen!  

Thanks for stopping in and being part of the story of my life.  You help make my life better and for that I am so grateful!